LED Ball LWLB7 with pixel pitch 44 mm and total area 140 sqm, ball’s diameter of 7 m, and the ball will be divided into 9 petals when displaying. All petals are covered by LWMF44/4 led dots and strings. Distinctive features and specificity for the ball are as: high programmability, ball is irregular, each string’s length are different. Even on the turning of upper and lower strings, the pixel pitches are different, thus all the strings have different resolution, length and pixel pitch.

Special system connection: based on the ball structure, the mapping of led dots on ball is very irregular, thus engineers made the system connection by very detailed and exact calculation. Special system controlling: we use software to map the led dots on each petal and the whole ball, then all are easily controlled. Special videos: engineers offered clients the coordinates for each petal and the whole ball, so that they can make the video based on the coordinates.

Video on computer is separate as 9 petals on pc, but software ensures the video to show as an entire ball in reality.

All processing like manufacturing led strings, sticking velcro, etc, are doing one by one by hands, even we tested different brands of velcros and 3M glues to ensure high stability for long time fixing.

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