LEDWEI association of LED manufacturer are equipped professional highly-technological equipment and auxiliary devices. Assembly line operate in automatic or semiautomatic mode and produced high-quality LED modules and components for led screens, media facades and other manufactured led products.

Qualified staff, controls all stages of production focusing on the high quality final product. Traditionally, for produce of led modules we are used branded LEDs Ledwei (China) and high-quality electronic components. Depending on the models of screens, can be used LEDs from other manufacturers, such as Epistar (Taiwan), Chee (USA), Nichia (Japan).

Engineering group LEDWEI equipped with a powerful material and technical base, it helps the technical development of the company, modernization of existing production with the perspective and also the creation of fundamentally new competitive models and a series of led products.

LEDWEI always strive to improve and innovate in the field of manufacture of led products and has a complete production cycle. In the manufacture of our led products, we are collaborate with a number of ancillary industries and produce power and signal cables, connectors and other necessary electronic components.

LEDWEI supplies several series of control systems LED screens, including full color synchronous control system, asynchronous full-color control system, one-color and two-color synchronous control system, two-color asynchronous control system, calibration system, system video processing.

All of the products forms a complete system allowing to implement a variety solutions.