LED displays

LEDWEI produces several series of LED displays with huge selection of pixel pitch from 2,5 mm to 25 mm, are able to meet many of the commitments of designers and customers. We are produces series indoor – iWf and ioUf series, several outdoor series - oWf, oUf, special outdoor oAs series for stadium…

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About us

LEDWEI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a professional association of LED manufacturer in China, specialized in creative indoor and outdoor LED screens, Transparent LED screens (Glass screens), Media facades, innovation LED solutions, each of them meeting the demands of different markets and usage situations. LEDWEI products is a popular with the features of light weight, ultra-thin cabinet, transparent structures and widely-used in the application of TV Station, studios, auto shows, music concerts, clubs, discos, building facade, outdoor decorative lighting projects, exhibitions, celebrations etc.

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