Lighting board LB2-series content is handwritten on the surface of neon led writing board. Pens are available in many colors. Fluorescent ink in the markers fluorescence and scatters the light. The light transmission through the markers creates a bright and colorful display.

The most common illumination source for «neon led writing board» is now LED. This type of hanging restaurant neon led writing board for sale uses a small number of low-power LED’s for illumination. The neon led writing board for sale typically have a black background that allows the fluorescent ink to stand out with little illumination. These factors together result in a small power requirement even compared to LED Marquee style message boards.

It is best to promote new company or commercial items without spending huge budget in conventional promotion such as in public media, such as newspaper and TV, to attract target customers in bars, coffee house, grocery as bar sign, coffee shop signs, store and grocery.

Model LWLB2
Product Size (cm) 25×40, 30×50
Panel Material Acrylic & Tempered Glass
Frame Material Black aluminum alloy frame
Light Source Super bright white light source
Life Span (H) 80000
Quality guarantee (y) 1
Unique selling point Hanging, table-top, portable
Flash modes 18
Input power AC110-240V 0.8A
Output power DC12V 1.2A
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