LEDWEI in addition to supplying LED equipment and provides related services and after-sales service. Here you can find all the necessary information.

Special projects

LEDWEI is open for cooperation and are willing to work with you to develop and implement the most daring design decisions, individual projects. We have extensive experience in implementing complex non-standard projects. Our engineers are ready to implement complex technical solutions according to your requirements, and LEDWEI Department of programming can adjust or develop special software to control the equipment for your project.

Of course, you can be assigned tasks that are impossible to implement, but in this case we can assure you that it will not make anybody.

Visualization projects

Engineers of LEDWEI together with LEDWEI designers are ready to make a graphic visualization of your project. You will be able to purchase equipment to see how will look your project. If necessary, you have the opportunity to make adjustments in the project, with the result that you will be able to receive exclusive design solutions that will impress and amaze most people. Also this is useful in order to convince your customers or guide the correct choice of products.


When the LEDWEI department of packaging and shipment have agreed with the customer packaging supplied equipment, we are ready to execute the shipment. We work with many transport companies, and our partners will arrange delivery of the equipment by sea, rail or air in any part of the world.

Delivery options can be different, it all depends on how urgently you need the equipment. The cheapest option by sea. If necessary, our partners can arrange insurance, customs clearance and arrange delivery to the destination address of the mounting equipment.


Products LEDWEI easily and quickly assembled and installed, but in any case, requires the necessary knowledge and skills. We recommend you to use the services of authorized specialists, which in the future will be responsible for the quality of work performed and to ensure proper and uninterrupted operation of our equipment.

If necessary, our specialists of LEDWEI are ready to perform work on the setup and installation of the supplied equipment, the terms are negotiated individually.

We have extensive experience in execution of works on installation and adjustment of equipment used in large projects in different countries.

Technical support

LEDWEI provides technical support for all products and software. Every day we work to improve our products and software. We would be grateful if you let us know how we can improve the quality of the delivered products. Also in this section you can get the software update.