Advertising agencies usually to buy standard led screens for advertising. Led screens attract more people’s attention and advertisers because of the moving image stronger influence on the perception of information than a static image placed on a standard billboard.

One of the advantages is that the advertising information on the led screen is accessible 24 hours a day, due to the high brightness of the screen is clearly visible by day and night. For advertising agencies, we are suggesting a variety of screens, which differ in brightness, environmental requirements, etc., If you can not choose an led screen, you can contact our sales Department and we will find you what exactly you need.

Also, LEDWEI suggest for you innovative solutions for advertising, such as media facades. It’s almost the same led screens, only the size of the media facades can be the size of the whole building. Depending on the size of the media facades, visibility posted by promotional information can be up to 1000 meters.

Advantages of LEDWEI led screens that we are one of the few companies complete cycle which in addition to the manufacture of such screens, develops software for screen control. Our software allows you to create reports that display the time information, the number of actually displayed videos, on the screen. You don’t need to prove or convince a customers, you will just to show the customers a report from the LEDWEI program and will to get a money from customer without any disputes.

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