For bars and restaurants LEDWEI recommended new product — LED lighting board. You will be surprised, but it is quite inexpensive, but very effective solution that could attract the attention of your visitors. To use the LEDWEI led lighting board is very easy, you just take a marker and draw. No software is required. A drawn image or written information visible at any time of the day or night.

LEDWEI suggest for bars and restorans many different innovative solutions able to attract the attention of visitors and to increase attendance. Using led products of LEDWEI you can decorate the amusement, not only usually lighting, you can will to do show with high-quality graphic information.

Using software LEDWEI you can to do show, for example, a football broadcast in real time on the big screen with high definition, and many people can see it at the same time.

We can also suggest to you unique solutions based on led products of LEDWEI, which will help you to decorate your facade, that will increase the prestige of your institution will allow you to pay attention to your place and attract more visitors.