Selling cars is always a major advertising campaign aimed at what would be of interest to most people, to convince to buy a car in your showroom, certain brand and model of car. The main task before the auto dealers is to attract people’s attention.

LEDWEI suggest for car salons many different innovative solutions able to attract the attention of visitors and to increase attendance. Using led products of LEDWEI you can decorate your building, not only usually lighting, you can will to do show with high-quality graphic information.

LEDWEI recommended to use transparent led screens (glass screens) for different video information. Glass led screens attract more people’s attention because of the moving image stronger influence on the perception of information than a static image. You can place advertising with information about new entertainment, promotions, and other interesting your suggestions for visitors. Transparent LED screens is a new technology designed for high-end market, with outstanding looking, high transparency and vivid performance. This special innovation enhancing your brand imagine. Glass screens have appreciated and widely used in the world, brands such as Ferrari, Land Rover, Bentley, Mini, and many others.