One of the main purposes of LEDWEI is to supply on the market LED products, that meet requirements on quality. Compliance with a technical and time requirements are part of the corporate strategy. Quality of the LED products is the base condition to satisfy our customers needs and thus to retain them.

Department of the quality control has all the necessary equipment to test led screens, media facades and other led products. Using it equipment, we are testing our led products in the real conditions in which works led products. As a result, the technical specifications correspond to reality.

The development of our company depends on maintaining and expanding relations with the customers. In order to achieve these purposes, we strive to increase the quality and utility value of the products, and satisfy our customers. Each of LEDWEI employees is also a customer and a supplier at one time. Intermediate products, services are handed over between our staff within the manufactory. Quality final of LED products is determined by the quality of all our employees´works.

Every employee is engaged in achieving the quality of his own work and is well informed about requirements on quality of both work and products. All activities in our plant support the effort on quality. Every day, every hour, every minutes the collective of LEDWEI to work better than early, correct the encountered defects, anticipate them and increase the quality parameters of our products. Before shipment of products LEDWEI, employees to do assembly of final products and produce visual final testing before sending the products to the packaging. This step completely eliminates the possibility of factory defects.

After final testing, product of LEDWEI submitted to the Department of packaging and shipment. Products are neatly packaged in the package agreed with the client. This may be the cardboard box container, wooden box or flight cases. After the products are carefully packed, LEDWEI to do shipping to the customer.