Every day the gas station is visited by many people. Today the gas station is not only the sale of gasoline or gas for cars, but selling point of a number of related products. At the gas station is open cafes, shops, car washes. In the world change regularly, the price of gasoline, gas, commodities, so it is important to inform clients.

LEDWEI recommended to use standard led screens for different video information. Led screens attract more people’s attention because of the moving image stronger influence on the perception of information than a static image. You can place advertising with information about new entertainment, promotions, and other interesting your suggestions for visitors.

LEDWEI suggest for you innovative solutions such as media facades. It’s almost the same led screens, only the size of the media facades can be the size of the whole building. Depending on the size of the media facades, visibility posted by promotional information can be up to 1000 meters.

Also we suggest for gas station LED lighting board. You will be surprised, but it is quite inexpensive, but very effective solution that could attract the attention of your visitors. To use the LEDWEI led lighting board is very easy, you just take a marker and draw. No software is required. A drawn image or written information visible at any time of the day or night.